Evaporative Cooling


What is evaporative cooling?

Remember the chill of wind hitting your skin after swimming on a hot day? That’s natural evaporative cooling.

How do these units work?

Port-A-Cool® portable evaporative cooling units employ the same natural cooling process, using forced air over water-soaked evaporative cooling pads to reduce temperatures up to 10ºC.

Why choose Port-A-Cool® units?

Cools anywhere standard air conditioning is ineffective or cost prohibitive 8 Hourly cost of just R3, 22 – R17, 25 depending on the unit size Cools instead of recirculating stale, hot air Cools up to 370m2 with the largest unit, or choose a smaller model for tight spaces Cools where you need it Cools without any chemicals Cools economically with efficient, effective resource use

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